Best Longboard for Kids: What Does A Kid-Friendly Longboard Look Like? Most Highly Recommended Picks + Quick FAQs Guide

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What do kids need in a longboard? Children skating is not like adults skating. They need more control and support for learning new tricks and techniques. That is why buying the best longboard for kids is necessary. You can’t just hand them your own!

Longboards for kids are smooth, user-friendly, and most importantly, versatile to ride on. Something that’s kid-friendly is also multi-functional. So your kid can cruise, carve, perform tricks, and learn how to slide or go downhill without any accidents.

Top 15 Best Longboard for Kids – Detailed Review

1. Volador 40inch Maple Longboard – Best longboard for all ages

The Volador Maple Longboard is a versatile pick for children and young adults. It boasts of extraordinary steadiness and consistency in performance. This is something many other longboards do not offer despite their higher costs. The benefit of this longboard is that it features strong 70mm PU wheels with a durable rock finish and PU shock-absorbing ring.

Its structure is more fine-tuned at eliminating any hurdles a kind might face while riding. This includes stabilizing movement while going downhill, carving, freestyling, and riding fast.

The ABEC-11 bearings with trucks that come with 50 or 45 adjustable degrees pose no problem at all for kids to maneuver, especially around deep curves and turns.

The 8-ply thick maple deck with epoxy glue handles rough and tumble use – something that kids are most likely to do while skateboarding.

  • One of the best flex longboards I’ve seen.
  • Amazing grip tape for extra support.
  • Drop-through camber deck is tough.
  • Strong aluminum trucks with 45- and 50-degree.
  • Easy to use for all riders for freestyle, speed, and downhill riding.
  • The wheels take some time to soften.

2. WHOME Longboards Skateboard Pro Small Longboard – Best longboard for responsiveness

The second most-favorite spot for the best longboard for kids has to be this one. For the simple fact that it features an ergonomic design built specifically for kids.

It has a small design with an 8-ply rock maple deck. The dimensions are small and lightweight because it’s for kids to learn and master cruising, freestyling, carving, etc. on a longboard.

Another extraordinary feature is the chrome steel ABEC-9 bearings equipped with grip tape, sturdy PU wheels, and a smart and low-rise deck. So it’s fully equipped at handling versatile tricks and longboarding styles. So your kid doesn’t feel limited to just one style. He or she can try all kinds of different tricks and techniques on this.

The precise traction and strength this longboard provides are made better with rebound bushing. This improves the turning radius, stabilizes high speeds, and offers better twisting and turning capabilities, especially at a faster speed.

  • Heavy-duty longboard with ergonomic design.
  • It can handle up to 200lbs.
  • High-quality and firm 80A PU wheels.
  • The 8-ply maple deck surface is very grippy.
  • Higher maneuverability at high speeds.
  • Includes a T-tool for adjusting the trucks.
  • Some adjustments are necessary before riding.

3. Kryptonics Spongebob Longboard Complete Skateboard – Best longboard 8-13 years old kids

Who doesn’t like SpongeBob? Even adults have t-shirts and mugs and other goodies with a SpongeBob print on them? So a young rider would definitely love this graphic design on a longboard as a gift!

The Kryptonics is another interesting longboard designed specifically for kids. It features very specific design elements such as the angled rider pads, 220-pounds capacity, PU wheels, and ABEC-5 bearings. All these features are engineered to suit the needs of a young rider.

The 8-ply maple hardwood deck can withstand tedious use. So your kid shouldn’t have to shy away from trying new things on this longboard. But only as long as those tricks do not involve carving and freestyle tricks.

Because it features a rounded pin-tail that is not the ideal deck shape for turning, carving, and performing complicated tricks. But for the rest of it, this longboard is smooth and effortless to ride on.

What really makes the Kryptonics the best longboard for kids is the mature, controlled bearings of the longboard. It’s supportive of fast speeds.

  • 4-inch aluminum trucks come with angled riser pads.
  • Designed for smooth and fast speeds.
  • The 8-ply maple wood deck is long-lasting.
  • Attractive design with smooth PU wheels and bushings.
  • It supports heavy riders – up to 220 pounds.
  • Not the best pick for carving and tricks.

4. SHIJING Skateboards Complete Longboard – Best longboard for pre-teens

The SHIJING is a lightweight and strong pick. It has 9 plies of maple hardwood and a maximum rider capacity of 440 pounds. The longboard is equipped with a unique braking system that helps kids slow down at fast speeds without falling or slipping.

I think this is one of the safest longboards to buy for your kid to learn and experiment with longboarding on. It’s good for first-timers, pre-teens, and those who want to achieve more stability and speed on an entry-level longboard.

The color design of the longboard is bright pink and flashy so I think it might be more suitable for younger children who aren’t as yet so picky about what longboard they use. So I would recommend this for the ages of 5 to 10.

The production quality of the SHIJING is international so it’s not too expensive but feels premium and long-lasting.

  • Superior maple hardwood deck with epoxy glue.
  • Twin, top-mounted deck shape for comfortable riding.
  • Good for heavy riders.
  • It has an inspiring and attractive design.
  • Grip tape is waterproof and non-slip.
  • Durable parts that are pre-installed.
  • None so far.

5. Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard – Best longboard for 13-year-old kids

The Magneto is designed for different and unique longboarding purposes. It is a stable and durable longboard but it has no flex. It features a kicktail that is good for riding on rough terrain. And it’s also a more grippy pick with stiff wheels and maple wood and bamboo blend deck.

This longboard is foolproof if you’re looking for a balance of stiffness and power. That is why I chose this for the 13-year age because it boasts of impressive durability and long-lasting design.

You can buy this if your kid loves smooth riding and cruising. The 7-inch aluminum trucks with 50-degree adjustments allow some rough tumbling without breaking its back. So the backbone of the Magneto is strong and rigid while riding. Something that older kids love to experiment with to achieve high speeds on not-so-smooth surfaces.

  • Hard maple deck with kicktail is superior.
  • Blend of aluminum, bamboo, and maple has a long shelf life.
  • Great for carving and cruising without vibrations.
  • It rides smoothly right out of the box.
  • High-rebound bushing can take a beating without falling apart.
  • The deck may wobble a bit over cracks.
  • Not the best choice for flexibility.

6. SCSK8 Natural Black Complete Longboard Skateboard – Best for 7-year-old kids

This longboard is one of the longest-lasting longboards out there. It’s spectacular with no flaws for a kid to take full advantage of. Starting with the grip tape that is very, very strong, the deck can take on normal wear and tear like a pro.

It has a 7-ply construction and PU wheels and 70inch trucks. The grip tape is black and looks very high-quality and durable. And the ABEC-9 bearings take on incredible amounts of intense and prolonged use without breaking.

It may be that your kid will outgrow this longboard but it won’t disappoint your kid. It’s very sturdy and professional-grade to use regularly.

  • Stiff longboard that is good for daily use.
  • It comes pre-assembled right out of the box.
  • Extremely stable and supportive for rough use.
  • The grip tape does not chip easily.
  • Upgrade the wheels for performing tricks.
  • It may squeak a bit around sidewalks/cracks.

7. SOLA Bamboo Premium Graphic Design Longboard – Best longboard for 9-year-old kids

The SOLA is another interesting longboard with an attractive design. It’s good for cruising, carving, and freeriding. With basic but sturdy features such as the 7-ply maple and bamboo deck, 78A wheels, 7inch aluminum trucks, and ABEC-7 bearings.

It also features an effective grip tape on the top of the longboard. And it arrives completely pre-assembled for you so you don’t waste time getting all the parts together.

The thing kids love about this longboard is that it’s very comfortable and smooth to ride. It’s a good choice for kids who are avid skateboarders. It glides beautifully on smooth and relatively uneven surfaces.

The wheels do not make a sound. They are easy to ride on with supportive trucks that prevent damage. I would recommend this to kids under 100 pounds.

  • Sturdy and lightweight longboard.
  • Attractive design with black bearings/grip tape.
  • Versatile longboard for daily use.
  • Easy for beginners and intermediates.
  • The wood is not very strong for rough use.
  • Regular maintenance/upgrade is necessary.

8. ReDo Skateboard Kids San Diego Palms Cruiser Skateboard – Best longboard for entry-level performance

Consider the ReDo Skateboard for its small size and lightweight body. It comes with sturdy bearings and glides smoothly fast. The trucks are non-squeaky, equipped with ABEC-7 bearings, and made of aluminum so you know they’re durable.

The best thing about this mini-version of a longboard skateboard is that it still retains the design of a professional adult-sized longboard. The 8-ply maple wood construction, soft but firm urethane wheels. All these promise a smooth and secure ride. Ideal for kids to feel confident about.

  • Great entry-level longboard.
  • Affordable price and minimal maintenance.
  • Comfortable and sturdy deck material.
  • The wheels feel smooth even on rough asphalt.
  • It’s not very long-lasting since it’s entry-level.

9. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Best longboard for directional control

Another mini version of an adult-sized longboard for kids is the Magneto. I’ve already spoken about the normal, professional-grade Magneto in one of my previous product reviews. This is exactly like that but specifically designed for kids.

It’s a short longboard that is designed for pre-teens as well as kids under the ages of 10. Boasts of a bamboo and maple blend with sturdy wheels, double kicktails, and a sturdy 18.5 wheelbase. So it can perform longboarding tricks, tick-tacking, and other fun techniques, all thanks to the unique kicktails.

  • 6-ply bamboo and maple deck are sturdy.
  • The sand grit finish offers to stabilize footing.
  • Ideal for turning tricks and cruising.
  • Rides smoothly around sharp turns.
  • The bearings need an upgrade to prolong shelf life.

10. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard – Best longboard for tall/big riders

The White Wave is a versatile longboard for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider. It comes with ABEC-9 bearings, heavy-duty alloy aluminum trucks, and 70mm wheels. It’s great for a kid to enhance his or her longboarding skills with.

If it’s time for your kid to move up to something more professional-grade, the White Wave is a great choice. It can take on deep turns, faster speeds, and carving easily. The mild camber and concave shape of the deck are to be thanked for that. The board even has a great feel which allows the wheels to roll smoothly and silently without any loose bearings.

  • The trucks turn consistently around sharp curves.
  • Great for gliding fast without any resistance.
  • Perfect for commuting, cruising, and carving.
  • The bearings don’t need adjustments.
  • Built for all ages.
  • It lasts for a very long time.
  • None so far.

11. Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard – Best longboard for intermediates

A longboard like Powell Longboard Skateboard is the best choice for enthusiastic learners. Though it can also be used by adults from time to time, it’s a good and affordable longboard for kinds.

The trucks and bearings are installed carefully so you don’t have to make any major adjustments upon arrival. The hardness of the wheels is adaptable so the wheels roll smoothly on rough terrain.

This is also an impressively stable trick- and flip-friendly longboard for kinds. The deck has a comfortable amount of stiffness and flex. You may want to replace the grip tape after some time for something more resistant and supportive.

  • High-quality wheels for rolling silently with no vibrations.
  • Great for cruising, gliding, and going downhill.
  • Affordable with long-lasting shelf life.
  • Sturdy trucks and bearings with high-rebound design.
  • Some parts are made of plastic.

12. SWAGSKATE NG2 A.I. Powered Electric Longboard – Best longboard with automated speed control

The SWAGSKATE is extremely fast and friendly to use. The special thing about it is that it’s A.I. powered which means it’s controlled by a remote controller. Or you can switch to the hands-free mode it is electric with a brushless motor that sits under the deck.

The longboard can handle 18 mph speed with 15-degree inclines. You can switch between different modes easily using the remote control. It also comes with sturdy balance sensors and an intelligent weight scale so that you can get more control and stability off the deck.

This is a great pick for learners as it comes with handy features and larger wheels to ensure smooth and wobble-free riding.

  • You can select different speeds using the remote control.
  • It glides smoothly over gravel or pebbles.
  • Responsive remote control with speed/drive controls.
  • Short charging time for daily use.
  • It’s very quiet and feels just like a longboard.
  • Not the most portable longboard.
  • Some parts are made of plastic.

13. PHOEROS Skateboard Canadian Maple Pro Cruiser – Best longboard for older kid ages

The PHOEROS features a double-kick skateboard design which is good for beginners but for heavier and taller beginners. It features ABEC-7 bearings, firm wheels, and a broader deck so smaller kids won’t be able to navigate this very effectively. But bigger kids will.

The deck has an 8-inch rise and the top is polished smoothly with a reliable grip tape. The bottom of the deck has a graphic print that is very durable so you don’t have to worry about it fading or peeling with time or use.

  • Double-kick longboard skateboard for learning.
  • Firm and hard-to-remove grip tape on the top.
  • ABEC-7 bearings keep the wheels sturdy and quiet.
  • You can customize the deck with sheet stickers (included).
  • Features a carry bag for quick outdoor use.
  • Not the right size for small kids.

14. Amrgot Night Light Longboard Complete – Best longboard for design

The Armgot has a unique characteristic that is it features a glow-in-the-dark design. That’s right, its unique graphic design emits a night light when in the dark. So when your kid rides this longboard during nighttime, it will stand out from the crowd.

Performance-wise, the longboard is dependable and strong. It has a 9-ply maple deck with ABEC-9 bearings and a wide and supportive wheelbase. The deck is equipped with aluminum alloy trucks that keep the base of the wheels sturdy. So it rolls smoothly on rough terrain without making a loud noise – which is perfect for nighttime riding.

  • Sturdy feel of the trucks under the foot.
  • Easy to tighten and holds up well to daily use.
  • The deck has some flex and amazing resistance.
  • Well-built design with harder wheels.
  • The wheels are not very forgiving.

15. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill Cruiser – Best longboard for downhill skating for kids

This longboard purchase turns and carves exceptionally well. And it has a firm and straightforward design that is fit for going downhill. The Sector 9 is a versatile pick because kids use it for cruising, carving, commuting, and downhill riding.

It can easily glide and carve around 90-degree angles. It’s not a very speed-driven longboard. While it is easy to maneuver on slopes or through traffic, make sure your kid is not going too fast. It’s designed for more accurate control and it’s built very durably.

  • Not very expensive.
  • The deck is designed with good amount of speed.
  • Great for maneuvering through tough sidewalks.
  • Double kingpin makes angling and sidewinding easy.
  • Great grip and stability under one’s feet.
  • Not so great for gaining fast speeds.

Features to Consider When Picking a Longboard for Kids

Make sure that your kids have safety gears
Make sure that your kids have safety gears

Buying the best longboard for kids is also synonymous with buying a longboard for a beginner. So features like the deck shape, deck thickness, trucks, wheels, and bearings are your top considerations.

Now, buying a longboard for kids has to be cheaper than buying a longboard for an adult, right? This largely depends on your kid’s skill level. If your kid is looking to upgrade to a better longboard, that will cost you a few dollars more than an entry-level longboard.  

So cost and skill level are the next 2 important criteria to choose when deciding on the right longboard for your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of safety gear is necessary along with a longboard for kids?

I’ll get right to the point.
Your kid needs elbow pads, knee pads, a longboarding helmet with a chinstrap, and some kind of protective eye gear. You can also invest in a good pair of sliding gloves for your kid. This is especially necessary for downhill longboarding or sliding.
Also, make sure your kid does not wear flip-flops or weak shows while longboarding. Athletic shoes are a must with proper padding and tight lace. The bottom of the shoe grips more firmly on grip tape without scraping its rough texture or damaging the surface of the deck.

2. Are adult-sized longboards safe for kids?

This is a yes and no type of question. This depends on your kid’s skill and adaptability. Some kids are more than comfortable with a 40-inch longboard. That is if they already know how to longboard.
But for learners, a longboard for kids is smaller and safer to practice on. Longer longboards may feel awkward for a small kid.

3. What is the right age for a kid to start learning longboarding?

The widely-accepted age, which is also recommended by AAP, is above the age of 5. Kids under the age of 5 shouldn’t partake in longboarding or skateboarding.
Having said that, never teach your kid longboarding without adult supervision. Not until they’ve learned how to handle a longboard themselves without tipping over. It’s best to take your kid to skate parks where they can ride freely and safely.
Navigating through traffic or tricky slops for a young rider is not the safest choice. Not unless they have learned longboarding confidently so that you can ride alongside your kid up to a certain age.  

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