Best Longboard for Sliding Reviews in 2022: Along with A Buying Guide for Beginners with Important Features & FAQs

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Using the best longboard for sliding has many perks. It offers the rider more control which is helpful when going down slopes. You can also perform some tricks with it. Even though that’s for an expert-level rider, it can be really fun to do when you can depend on a sturdy and strong longboard.

You can buy and use a longboard as a form of commute as well. It’s great for cruising, going downhill, freestyling, and sliding. So if you’re ready to make the most of your time here, learn about some brilliant models and get to know a bit about longboards for sliding.

Top Longboarding Reviews of 2022

1. Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard – Best for deep carves and intense use

A lot has been said about the Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard. Because it’s sleek, functional, and stable. You’ll really take to this longboard for sliding as it is easy, fast, and good-looking to maneuver.

Whether you’ve never used a longboard skateboard before. Or you haven’t used one in a while and are looking for a solid investment. This is one of the most stunning and versatile longboards you’ll come across.

It features a drop-mounted rocker with a concave profile. The concave profile has many benefits. Starting with the most basic which is that it stabilizes your feet. Especially around deep corners and curves. Gives you complete control and carving ability while sliding.

The deck is made up of 7-ply Maple plus a rocker profile. This absorbs shock, reduces, vibrations, and smoothes out the resistance, offering minimal but firm flex for a steady ride.

The wheelbase is durable and sturdy too. It can take on rough rides easily and the quality of the longboard lives up to its reputation. It’s best suited for carving, sliding, and high-speed rides.

  • Very little adjustment is required for riding.
  • The quality is superior and very easy to maintain.
  • It feels light but is sturdy and heavy-duty.
  • Impressive rider stability with a smooth and grippy surface.
  • Feels premium with 7-ply Maple construction.
  • None so far.

2. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard – Best for high-speed riding

This is a sturdy and superior longboard for freestyling beginners who are looking for speed. So if you’re a beginner, don’t waste your time looking at other longboards. This right here is the best longboard for sliding that you can get.

It helps you get around quicker while feeling stable and light. You can begin using it right out of the box. No adjustments are necessary. Its wheelbase, bearings, grippy surface, and trucks feel very handy and convenient to use, for a beginner.

You can learn new longboarding tricks and skills easily. It has a bit of flex to it which is not a bad thing as it allows accurate flexibility while turning and around corners.

The deck has 8 plies of Maple which means it’s heavy-duty. Combine that with the PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings, and you have something that’s adaptable and versatile to use.

The drop-through design is fit for sliding because it carefully glides and controls your feet’ movements without losing speed. Overall, this best longboard for sliding has great value. It seems well-made, sturdy, strong and comes with a grip tape too that performs better than it looks.

  • Sturdy and remarkable construction with 8-ply Maple.
  • It can withstand up to 250lbs.
  • The 7-inch aluminum trucks offer a sturdy backbone.
  • Ideal for newcomers, adults, and children.
  • Expert-level grip-ability while riding.
  • The bearings last for a very long time.
  • Replacement parts are not too expensive.
  • A bit of a learning curve is involved.
  • Adjustments are necessary to learn more tricks.

3. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard Skateboard – Best flex for coarse roads

The Magneto Bamboo is a fine choice. It comes with sturdy and high-quality features. Even though it requires some adjustment for a personalized ride. It’s still an easy-to-use and flexible longboard skateboard for sliding.

It has a long deck, around 42-inches, with a standard 9-inch ride from the ground. This offers more than accurate stability while sliding. And experts say 9 inches are perfect for carving around tight turns.

The deck is made up of 3 plies of bamboo and fiberglass. This might not seem much, especially in comparison to the previous picks, but it’s very sturdy and comfortable.

The bamboo/fiberglass blend allows expert-level responsiveness. So it is more forgiving under your feet, thanks to the shallow concave, and arched chamber design of the deck.

This longboard also looks good with a smooth finish deck board. The wheels are painted black with black trucks and wheelbase. The trucks are made of gravity-cast aluminum. This ensures a smoother ride but is also more compact with a comfortable turning radius.

The wheels are made up of urethane, pretty much durable right out of the box. It can handle rough use. The bumpy and uneven surface won’t loosen the bearings. But if you do crave more intricate control, you can tighten the trucks a bit.

  • Compact and sturdy design.
  • The quality of wheels, bearings, and trucks are professional-grade.
  • The deck rise is great for carving and sliding.
  • Long and super steady for performing tricks.
  • The deck feels very stable while riding downhill.
  • It can easily handle tight turns and curves.
  • Some adjustments are necessary.
  • The 3-ply bamboo may be lacking durability.
  • Prone to some dents, dings, or scratches.
  • The wheels may squeak at first.

4. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard – Best for intermediate riders

The JUCKER HAWAII is a great longboard to get back on. So I would recommend it for someone with some longboarding skills under their belt. It’s a stable and responsive pick. Featuring a lightweight but strong deck board and flex trucks.

The deck is made for people who prefer a lower center of gravity. This feature allows smooth cruising and sliding. It’s made of bamboo and fiberglass. The bamboo makes it lightweight and flexible. While the fiberglass adds a dose of durability and strength to the overall structure of the longboard.

The longboard requires zero assemblies on your part. You can ride it right out of the box. It has a kicktail on both sides that allows some flexibility and support while performing tricks.

In light of that, I also found that the trucks come with a powder-coated frame and a wider structure. So it’s great for maintaining stability and also for heavier riders to get their balancing act on point.

I don’t think you’ll find any complaints with this one as it is a versatile board that feels stable and secure while carving, sliding, and maintaining a high speed.

  • High-quality and stable design.
  • The frame is very supportive with a wide deck.
  • No trouble skating over gravel and slightly uneven surfaces.
  • Smooth and versatile longboard for skilled riders.
  • Great for carving and cruising every day.
  • The flex is great and very supportive.
  • You might have to upgrade the bearings.
  • Regular maintenance is required to avoid wear and tear.

5. Arbor Performance Complete Bamboo Axis 40 – Best for downhill stability

The Arbor Performance is good for going down hills and for achieving high speeds easily. The length of this board is 40-inches so it provides rider stability without reducing speed.

It also features a low center of gravity which is perfect for going fast and for sliding. You can have as much command over your longboard as you want without losing directional control. The extremely stable wheelbase encourages better traction, especially for downhill slopes.

Next, the longboard comes with ABEC-7 bearings and spacers. The spacers encourage a wider stance of the wheelbase and bearings. This, believe it or not, contributes to how stable and slip-free the board feels.

In the middle part of the deck, the drop-through shape of the board is good for durability. All the parts, including the wheels, bearings, and front and rear edges offer a wholesome look. It reduces shakes and noise and vibrations whilst achieving higher speeds.

The grip tape on the surface is also made of strong materials. It’s incredibly grippy and you won’t feel the smoothness of the deck board as soon as you have your feet on the tape. It is clearly marked and promotes a safe footing while fast riding.

  • Higher flexibility than most other longboards.
  • Minimizes shakes and vibrations at high speed.
  • You can go downhill and perform tricks easily.
  • The wheelbase is wider and more secure.
  • Drop-through deck shape improves grip & control.
  • None so far.

6. Landyachtz 2019 Switch 40 Complete Longboard – Best for responsiveness & long-distance riding for short riders

We all know that Landyachtz is a good brand name for longboards. But their Switch 40 is good for its wide design, unique drop-through style, and firm foot lock-in features.

It is used for long-distance riding but also for freeriding and sliding. It’s a comfortable and convenient longboard to use. The Switch guarantees both forward and backward cruising without losing speed.

But in one of its design functions, it only supports short riding. What this means is that it’s good for short riders as it features a deck length of 35 inches only. So it’s the shortest in this list and one of the shortest longboards overall.

The deck is special in that it has a hollow concave shape that is lightweight. This encourages better footing on the surface of the deck. And if you’re worried about losing balance due to the lightweight design of the deck. Then you must know that this deck is supported by a much wider structure, also referred to as the wheelbase.

The wheelbase has a secure and astonishingly durable grip on the bottom of the deck. With deep pockets between each truck mount, the deck feels light but very supportive.

  • ower center of gravity ensures better stability.
  • Unique foot lock-in feature on deck.
  • Foot pockets in drop-through mount for better precision.
  • It supports high-speed riding down slopes.
  • Accurate maneuverability due to lightweight construction.
  • Secure and durable 70mm wheelbase.
  • Only fit for short riders due to deck length.

7. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard – Best for adjustable flex and high performance

This longboard is a unique and professional-grade pick. It has a custom flex to suit your skills as a longboarding enthusiast. The difference here depends on the weight of the rider.

So you pick the Flex 1 if you’re up to 230 pounds, Flex 2 for 175 pounds or less, and Flex 3 for much lower, which includes young adults and kids.

But you can also differentiate between the flex of this super-versatile longboard based on your level of skill. If you’re planning to use the longboard for performing intricate tricks, you need a better yet balanced flex. So Flex 2 is the right option for you.

Everything about this longboard feels sturdy and long-lasting. It has a functional design with a secure truck mount. The longboard is carefully and expertly designed like a snowboard to allow more movement, energy, and consistency in your performance.

The deck has a cambered profile with a mild concave shape. This creates the perfect opportunity for increasing traction and responsiveness in riding speed. The bamboo and fiberglass blend offers a light but firm footing on slightly bumpy surfaces.

The trucks are sturdy and heavy-duty with 70mm wheels that are specifically designed for carving, cruising, and sliding. Plus, the V2 bearings are recommended for light riders craving more responsiveness out of their longboard. It’s definitely a stabilizing longboard for carving.

  • Professional-grade responsiveness for sliding, carving, etc.
  • A secure and durable longboard for daily commutes.
  • The grip tape design is attractive and functional.
  • Ideal adjustable flex for versatile riders.
  • The wheels are very durable with heavy-duty trucks.
  • Concave deck shape smoothens and stabilizes performance.
  • The flex can be tricky to choose from.
  • Not designed for intense downhill longboarding.

8. APOLLO Premium High-Speed Longboard Skateboard  – Best for cruising and commuting

The APOLLO has a good design that is supportive enough for beginners and intermediates to use. But it’s also good for commuting and cruising. If you’re looking for a longboard to perform tricks on, this is not your pick.

It has a 40-inch deck that supports high-speed riding on relatively flat and bump-free surfaces. The top and bottom layer of the deck is made up of fiberglass while the middle layer is bamboo. So it promotes flex and lightweight responsiveness but the fiberglass adds strength to the board.

For freeriding and sliding, this longboard is a fine choice. The 7-inch trucks, 70mm wheels, and ABEC-9 bearings make one’s ride consistent and comfortable.

But it’s important to consider the terrain you’re riding on. And how many turns you have to get through on this longboard. Because while the trucks can take on bumpy roads, it’s fine for as long as you’re riding straight.

For carving, deep turns, and even for performing tricks, the APOLLO is not fit. It’s an entry-level longboard with durable bearings and a precise deck shape.

  • Smooth and fast riding experience.
  • The trucks, bearings, and wheels are superior.
  • It comes with the proper tools for adjustments.
  • Secure flex with strong grip tape.
  • Great for all ages.
  • It can handle footpaths and bumpy roads on commutes.
  • Not the best choice for extremely tall/heavy riders.
  • Prone to wear and tear after prolonged use.

How To Pick A Longboard For Sliding: Buyer’s Guide & Quick Answers!

Longboards for sliding perform different functions than say a longboard designed for performing tricks. But the features are strikingly similar to downhill longboarding.

To better understand the key features of the best longboard for sliding, keep on reading.

A concave longboard
A concave longboard

1. Concave Deck Shape

A concave deck shape allows more flexibility which is essential for sliding. Look for longboards with deep foot pockets on the deck for a secure footing. Or for a grip tape equipped with a hollow concave shape. Both these design features encourage better speed control while sliding.

It ensures that your foot stays locked in and secure while sliding to avoid slipping.

2. Sturdy Trucks

Trucks that are made of aluminum offer incredible strength and durability. They are also good for keeping the longboard steady while sliding. To avoid wobbling, vibration, tipping, and squeaking.

Look for 50-degree trucks with spacers for a wider stance. It smoothes out your curves more at angles so that you don’t fall to one side due to the sliding pressure. Trucks are often equipped with stable bushings that won’t crack or fall apart under pressure. This is what keeps a longboard from tipping over to one side while sliding.

3. Wheels

You don’t need very stiff wheels for a longboard for sliding. Soft to medium-level stiffness is ideal. It strikes a good balance between grip, slide ability, and responsiveness.

You want the wheels to feel soft but not too soft so as to become worn out quickly. Sliding involves high-speed riding which can cause damage to the wheels if they are not hard enough. So make sure you opt for medium-level stiffness.

Soft to medium-level stiffness is ideal for longboard
Soft to medium-level stiffness is ideal for longboard

4. Cost

The standard range for a good longboard is somewhere between 300 to 400 dollars. This is if you also include the cost of protective gear such as helmet and gloves that is necessary for sliding.

Even for beginners, spending a comfortable amount on a longboard is necessary. It ensures that you do not buy a weak and short-lived longboard. You need strong bearings, supportive wheels, and a long deck to learn and master longboarding for sliding. So paying a slightly higher price is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to begin learning to slide with a longboard?

The first thing you must keep in mind when using a longboard is doing heelside speed checks. This is the first step to learning to slide. Press down on your front foot (left or right) so that most of your body weight is on the front foot. Lean backward and apply force so that the foot that is at the back has a more flexible and comfortable stance, hard enough to get the board moving.
Once you learn to push the back wheels of the board by adjusting your stance and applying more or less pressure with your back foot, you can then begin to carve more intensely until you learn to slide at faster speeds.

2. Won’t soft wheels under a longboard lose speed while sliding?

The most important feature of a longboard for sliding is soft to medium-level stiffness wheels. If you opt for softer wheels, you will gain more control over your longboard, that’s for sure. But you end up losing speed.
But since sliding also involves riding on slopes, this should not be a problem.
So the focus is on control over speed.
Hard wheels do not deteriorate in quality when rolling fast. But harder wheels are more difficult to control because they grip more easily. Soft wheels have more flex and give which allows the rider to take charge of the grip and direction and roll of the wheels.
On a longboard for sliding, the last thing you want is to give up control. Sliding is not a fast-riding experience. It’s more about movement than speed. That is why softer wheels are necessary.

3. What is the ideal length for a longboard for sliding?

The standard range for a longboard, especially for sliding, is between 35 to 42 inches. Longboards used for general commuting or cruising vary between 33 to 55 inches. But that is not what you need for sliding.
You can also decide based on your body size including weight and height. A wider stance can offer more support for a heavier rider. While something light and short is good for children and young adults.


So, in conclusion, this is the best longboard for sliding review you’ve been waiting so long for. Plus, a useful and quick guide to buying a longboard if you’ve never bought one for sliding before today.

Depending on a variety of factors including price, skill, purpose, etc. you can compare and review these products without wasting any more time. 

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