Best Longboards for Cruising with Buyer’s Guide [Plus FAQs] For Beginners & Clueless Riders!

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Not every longboard can be used for cruising. The best longboards for cruising are more solidly built with enhanced flexibility. Regular longboards are more lightweight and narrow. And a cruiser longboard is wider with drop-through decks that allow deeper and smoother carving.

While this also depends on your personal skill levels as a cruiser, all cruising longboards are built to maintain optimal speed and balance.

After looking at a bunch of competitors, the following 7 best longboards for cruising are impressive. Be it for carving, heavy riders, beginners, sliding, or rough roads. The features and functionality of all are worth considering.

I have tapped into every deck style, size, and appearance to point out why you should consider one over the others. Each cruiser longboard has its own special characteristic and price that should suit your needs. So whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new longboard or this is your first time buying one, these are the best longboards for cruising you should consider.

Cruising on a longboard
Cruising on a longboard

7 Best Longboards for Cruising Reviews

1. Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard – Best for durability and versatility

The Sector 9 Lookout is a balance between superior build quality and stability for stronger and consistent performance. It can endure really intense and prolonged use on all terrains.

If what you want from a longboard for cruising is some assistance to enhance your skills, the Sector 9 Lookout is an ideal choice. It has a well-fitted and long-lasting design. Some say it can handle the wear and tear like a pro – which is a plus if you appreciate a longboard that looks good and performs well.

The board is made of 5 plies of Taco Mold Bamboo which has an appealing Hawaii wave graphic on the bottom. It creates a good contrast against the grip tape on the deck that is also green in color.

Speaking of the grip tape, all the Sector 9 components, including the trucks, wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings are compatible for cruising. It feels solid and sturdy. And it can handle longer rides with wipe outs. The board will remain in one piece even after years of use. But I do recommend you upgrade some of your bearings to get more out of the board.

  • Compatible on all terrains and user heights.
  • The grip tape is the best feature for maneuverability.
  • It can handle uneven surfaces, bumps, and curves.
  • Great at maintaining speed and balance.
  • Ideal for cruising and going downhill.
  • The grip tape on the deck can get dirty very fast.

2. Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser – Best for handling sharper turns

There’s a lot to learn with the Retrospec Zed Longboard. If you desire to use the top-ranking longboard without wasting too much time, this one is probably for you. It is a big and easy to maneuver longboard. Great for versatile use including cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

I have no complaints with regards to its over ease of use and design quality. And I don’t see why this longboard skateboard should be limited to just beginners. It performs just as well with an intermediate rider or an advanced-level user.

The ABEC-7 bearings and anti-bite technology of the wheel are proof of that. It keeps everything together to prevent wheel bites and grabs. The ABEC-7 bearings add traction and stability to the board – which is perfect for casual riding and cruising.

The deck is made up of 8-ply Maple and Bamboo. You can ride it all the time. Getting on and off is easy enough. And it offers precise stability in the middle of the deck which means that even if your dominant foot is left, it feels just about right.

The trucks glide smoothly and consistently while the deck has a great flex which is perfect for a beginner. It runs in a well-weighted and smooth manner as well. Plus, it looks great with the retro design so that’s not dull on the eyes.

  • The concave level of the deck is great for deep turns.
  • It’s reasonably priced for a longboard skateboard.
  • Feels professional-grade and superior in build quality.
  • It can tackle uneven terrain for cruising and casual riding.
  • The bearings and axel are easy to adjust before riding.
  • It requires some adjustments before riding for the first time.

3. Volador 42-inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser – Best for entry-level use

I think this is a well-put-together longboard for carving and casual cruising use.

The Volador 42-inch features a longer deck length that provides more surface tension to glide smoothly and consistently on uneven and bumpy surfaces. You won’t fall straight on your face, even if you’re a beginner.

The pros of this longboard for cruising are that it turns fairly quickly and smoothly. Its turn radius is one of the best I’ve seen in a longboard of around 42-inches. It handles sidewalks, do angle turns, and maintains good speeds without adjustments.

The deck features 8 plies of solid hardrock maple and glue. These materials are not just superior in terms of performance. But they are eco-friendly in that they last for a long time.

The 7-inch trucks are made up of aluminum so they’re supportive and adjustable to 50 and 54-degrees. Coupled with the ABEC-9 precision bearings, the deck is quite durable to handle. Even for a weight as much as 220 pounds, the deck is well-weighted and gives you more control over movement with little flex. You won’t notice it under your feet after a few days’ use.

  • The grip tape is grippy and durable.
  • It doesn’t lose speed even on gravel, rocks, or bumps.
  • Great for angle turns at higher speed.
  • Little flex with well-weighted and thick deck board.
  • The wheels are wider and more comfortable to control.
  • The 42-inch drop acts as a shock-absorber.
  • You have to keep tightening the trucks.
  • Not the best pick for intermediates and advanced riders.

4. Slendor Longboard Skateboard 42-Inch Drop-Through Deck Cruiser – Best for cruising, downhill longboarding

Thankfully, the Slendor Longboard Skateboard won’t carve a deep hole in your pocket. And it doesn’t have a long break-in period, barely 2-3 days after you take it out of the box.

Even if you’re not as skilled at the art of cruising, this is one of the best longboards for cruising as it is very responsive so it’s easier to control and command.

This enhances the durability of the board, affecting the performance of the rider. Good for cornering that is it’s perfect for sidewalks and curves. Even for someone who hasn’t used a longboard before, the design of this feels very supportive and flexible.

It has ABEC-11 bearings and a 9-ply natural hardrock maple and glue deck. The bearings support 50 or 45-degree angle adjustments. The deck is 9 inches wide with 70mm wheels that offer incredible resistance against uneven terrain.

While I think this is also a great choice for downhill use, it’s also commonly used by beginners for cruising. It exceeds all expectations and glides smoothly on and off smooth pavements.  

You might encounter some pushback when adjusting the bearings, and tightening the trucks, but as a beginner, I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s priced well for a longboard for beginners and intermediates. And it holds up fine against daily use.

  • Sturdy grip tape at the top of the deck.
  • It allows freedom of movement with supportive trucks.
  • The PU wheels are durable with a wide frame.
  • The material is eco-friendly and long-lasting.
  • Responsive contours that turn smoothly.
  • Some adjustments are necessary before riding.
  • Tighten the trucks to reduce the tilt of the deck.

5. Kahuna Creations Haka Rasta Longboard – Best for intermediate and expert-level riders

The Kahuna Creations Longboard features a new and unique shape that goes with the colors that also make it look so impressive. The surface of the longboard features a pattern style that not a lot of longboards do.

On top of that, the longboard is 47-inches in length which means it supports long-distance cruising without any problem. Some customers also write that the longboard is great for cruising as well as downhill longboarding.

It’s easier to balance despite its long deck as it has a low center of gravity. So beginners, intermediate, and advanced-level riders can expect a lot of stability and flex from this longboard.

But does it support heavyweight riders? Astoundingly, yes. According to reports, the makers of Kahuna ensure that this longboard that handles 260 pounds maximum without giving in.

The 7-ply Canadian maple deck has a 5-inch rise and 180mm trucks. The wheels are 70mm which is great for smooth and bumpy control.

The surface of the deck also features a sand grip feature and a concave shape that flattens and stabilizes you, the rider, on bumps, uneven surfaces.

  • It comes pre-assembled with sturdy trucks.
  • Premium-grade bearings require little adjustment.
  • Maximum weight (260lbs) is impressive.
  • The graphics on the board look very attractive.
  • Long deck with low-rise height for precise control.
  • Since it has a low center of gravity, it gets dirty very fast.

6. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser – Best for higher speed control and smooth maneuverability

You will love this board. It features a smooth concave design and 51mm wheels. It’s a drop-through longboard with 4-inches clearance so it offers a more personalized riding experience.

The ABEC-9 bearings offer traction but they also keep the riding quiet and vibration-free. The longboard is equipped with Nylon Ball Cages which reduce friction on bumpy surfaces even if you use the longboard all day.

For a beginner, this longboard is super-fast but in a good way. You can adjust the trucks as you like based on your personal skill. But it offers incredible tension for increasing and maintaining speed. So if you’re a beginner looking to speed train using a longboard, this is your go-to pick.

The deck has a relatively higher flex to it while the trucks offer mobility around curves, sidewalks, and corners. So you can maintain your speed while turning corners.

I would recommend this longboard for a beginner. It’s a comfortable and lightweight pick. Quick and easy to longboard to learn new tricks on.

  • ABEC-9 bearings and 51mm wheels are very sturdy.
  • The grip tape performs well with excellent support around corners.
  • Well-made, balanced, and high-quality deck.
  • Maximum weight capacity for increased flex and control.
  • Great for learning new skills quickly.
  • It can support up to 300 pounds easily.
  • Requires some learning if you want to do more with it.

7. Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer – Best for casual cruising on hills and sidewalks

The Santa Cruz Youth performs impressively out of the box. From the first day itself, it’s a wonderful and agile performer. It has a smooth deck surface that stays stable and balanced. The bottom of the board has perfectly-weighted bearings including the 7-ply deck, white trucks, and the sand spray grip on the top of the deck.

The trucks are relatively loose which boosts control without feeling wobbly. In contrast to the loosened trucks, the wheels are tight at first. This calls for a comfortable and smooth ride on all kinds of terrain.

The kicktail of the longboard supports turning pretty well. The rubber wheels are quiet around sidewalks and bumps. Even if you’re riding on the roughest pavement, the gravel and stones under do not disturb the wheel movement a bit.

A special addition to the longboard is the bottle opener that sits on the bottom of the deck. It might not seem like such a big deal but it’s definitely a head-turner if you love longboards that are fun to use.

  • Smooth and spacious surface for long-term use.
  • Glides perfectly on rough pavements and sloping hills.
  • The concave topside allows smooth turning and angling.
  • The 7-ply deck and wheels do not make loud noises.
  • The trucks are loose with tight-fit wheels to maintain balance.
  • Not a very heavy-duty longboard for max. weight.
  • Not an ideal longboard for learning new tricks on.

Best Longboards for Cruising Buyer’s Guide: What Are The Best Features Of A Cruiser Longboard?

Since this is your first time buying a longboard for cruising, I figured you might need some help making up your mind about the best features of one.

Deck Size

For a longboard to be well-suited to cruising, look for sizes above 35-inches. This is the best range for a longboard. But this also depends on the rider’s height and weight.

Cruising: Deck size
Cruising: Deck size

For a beginner to make the most of a longboard, especially for cruising, sizes from 32-inches to 40-inches are ideal. But if you’d like to work on your longboarding skills more, like increasing your speed and control, a longboard skateboard between the sizes of 40 to 47 inches is perfect.


A longboard that is flexible is easier to control for cruising, downhill longboarding and freestyling. But you don’t want the longboard to be too flexible or else it won’t provide the stability you need to glide across uneven surfaces.

You’ll come across 3 important types of flex for longboards. They are soft, medium, and stiff flex. And for cruising, specifically, you require anywhere from soft to medium flex.

Soft flex longboards are good for casual cruising and for performing some tricks. Medium flex longboards are for riders who crave more speed while cruising. It’s also perfect for carving and speed cruising.


Trucks provide support when the deck is either narrow or wide. The best longboards for cruising, however, feature wider decks with wider trucks. This is suitable for maintaining speed and control on flatter and rough surfaces.

Both the deck shape and truck design of a longboard have to be of the same size. If the deck of the longboard is narrow, the truck will be too.

Longboard wheels for cruising
Longboard wheels for cruising


The stiffness and size of wheels depend upon a bunch of important factors. Such as the hardness of the deck, the trucks, and the edge shape of the deck board. It also depends on the weight of the rider.

So, for example, if you weigh 120lbs, you require a stiffer wheel design. This is the best way to choose the right set of wheels for your longboard. You can even have them made custom-fit if you want more stiffness and control from the wheels.

If the deck is bigger, finding a larger diameter of the wheels is also necessary.

Wheels come in two different shapes based on the kind of longboard you use. Square and round shape wheels impact how the wheels come in contact with the ground.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are Cruiser Longboards?

Cruising is where a rider starts when using a longboard. It’s the most basic style of longboarding and doesn’t take a lot of time to learn.
Cruising can be casual or a form of commute or even a sport for some people. As you advance your cruising skills, you will need to upgrade certain features of a longboard as well.
The typical longboard for cruising comes with a top-mounted board, longer deck shape, pintail edge, and wider trucks and wheels. Other features include a grip tape on the surface of the deck, smooth, anti-slip wheels that prevent a wheel bite, and a relatively concave shape for carving without falling off.
There’s another common design of a cruiser longboard known as the mini cruiser. It is designed for more casual, non-competitive use. It’s easier to handle, less forgiving, and more responsive.

2. Is there a pro-level style of cruising?

It’s possible that you’ll require different longboards to accommodate different types of cruising. Don’t expect to find a one-size-fits-all kind of longboard for every cruising style.
This is the most common style of cruising, according to professional skaters.
Advanced longboard riders use a carving longboard for cruising. They are more fine-tuned than mini-cruiser longboards. And they are what professionals use for increasing speed and maneuverability around corners.
Carving longboards, as the name suggests, are designed specifically with more concave decks that let you control and command your feet for doing in different directions. You’re “carving” the deck so that you can navigate on tough corners and curves without falling off.
Such longboards also feature a unique wheel design to prevent wheel bites. This ensures that you glide across different terrain smoothly and consistently. It increases the turning radius that keeps you from falling off the board at higher speeds.
All things considered, it takes a while to get used to a carving longboard.

3. Do all cruiser longboards come with a kicktail?

A kicktail in a longboard has a slightly turned-up tail at the rear end of the longboard. With this, riders can perform some tricks without losing grip or balance. But the kicktail doesn’t impact the speed or direction of the longboard. So if you’re wondering whether it impacts the speed/performance of a cruiser longboard, it doesn’t.
If you do not wish to perform tricks with your cruiser longboard, it’s okay to buy a non-kicktail longboard.  

Final Verdict

After many comparisons, this is your final go-to list for the best longboards for cruising. There is something for the newcomer as well as the expert-level rider. So if you’re looking to upgrade to new “digs” or you’re looking for something inexpensive yet multi-functional, expect a smooth and safe ride on any one of these longboards.  

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